Outcomes-Centered Science

Common Ground Ecology helps government agencies and landowners to develop workable, science-based plans that balance the needs of wildlife and natural lands with land use issues. We develop fair, honest and comprehensive assessments and strategies that protect Florida lands, native wildlife and the people those systems impact. Led by Lance Arvidson, Common Ground completes projects on properties ranging from single family lots to properties of 100,000 acres or more, and seamlessly incorporates teams of experts when necessary.
Lance Arvidson is an applied community ecologist. Simply put, he examines current, real-world factors that cause a species to occur in an area (habitat). Understanding the interactions between endangered wildlife species and other plants and animals, as well as the non-living features of a habitat is key to knowing that species. Animals and plants occur in a habitat because of specific conditions. An ecologist that understands those conditions, down to the grains of sand in the soil, is able to design and implement techniques to efficiently answer questions about the size and health of populations inhabiting these areas. The answers to these questions enable Lance to develop of precise strategies custom designed for landowners to maximize their land value while protecting their natural resources.